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Rose Bowl Game

Big 10 Bowl Projections

During the fall, we publish bowl projections from around football experts web every week beginning after any team gets to six wins.  We also provide analysis on the projections and make a pick ourselves we call, “The Crazy Bowl Projection.”   This week, we are providing pre-season bowl projections and commentary on the [ . . read more . . ]

Who Sold Out — School Sales of Bowl Tickets

COMMODORES AND MIDSHIPMEN CONQUER ALLOTMENTS According to Cornhusker fans, Nebraska has one of the most loyal and best traveling fan bases.  Fans of Big Red might be surprised to find out that for each of the last three years Vanderbilt, a school with fewer than 12,000 students and less football tradition, has sold at least three times [ . . read more . . ]

Updated Bowl Projections & Predictions

There is only one week left in the regular season for most college football teams, and instead of the bowl picture becoming more clear, it’s become a little more confusing.  Here are this week’s picks from four leading bowl experts, some insight on the picks and the latest BCS standings, and our crazy bowl prediction of the [ . . read more . . ]

Updated Bowl Projections

Every week, we compile bowl predictions from around the web, and put them together in one place.  We also make a prediction of our own after the picks, and explain the rationale behind it.  Later this week we’ll start covering all the bowl possibilities for several schools, so like us on Facebook and you’ll get all of our [ . . read more . . ]

Updated Bowl Projections November 3, 2013

Here are the latest bowl projections from around the web, followed by our bowl prediction of the week. BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Alabama vs. Oregon– Mark Schlabach Alabama vs. Oregon – Brad Edwards Alabama vs. Oregon – Jerry Palm Alabama vs. Oregon – Orlando Sentinel   Discover Orange Bowl Florida State vs. [ . . read more . . ]

Updated Bowl Projections – October 21

What a week it was!  Six of the 10 top-ranked teams lost, changing the projected orders of finish in  just about every conference.  Here are this week’s expert picks, followed by some commentary, and our first bowl selection of the year. BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Alabama vs. Florida State – Mark Schlabach Alabama vs. [ . . read more . . ]

Updated Bowl Projections and Eligibility

Every Monday, we gather bowl projections from the web and publish them in one list.  Starting next week, we’ll also offer a bowl projection of our own, that will be something that we think you haven’t heard of, and it may seem crazy at first.  But we’ll explain how it happens,and why it’s a possibility.  We [ . . read more . . ]

Bowl Projections – Compiled from the web November 26, 2012

Every Monday, we compile college bowl projections from all over the web, so that you can compare and discuss.  We also make one prediction on a bowl game that may seem unlikely, but is possible.   Here are this week’s projections!   Discover BCS National Championship Game Georgia vs. Notre Dame— Mark Schlabach Notre Dame [ . . read more . . ]

Only one BCS bid for the SEC this season

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is widely regarded as the best college football conference. Currently, five of the top 10, six of the top 12 and three of the top four rated teams in the BCS standings hail from the SEC. Additionally, teams from the SEC have won seven consecutive BCS National Championship Games. Plus two teams from the [ . . read more . . ]