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Didn’t we almost have it all?

  I could’ve done it, I have tickets for the Brewers and tickets for the Badgers.  If everything goes right, it would be possible catch Gameday, hit Miller Park and make it back to Camp Randall for kickoff. It would be exhausting, but it is possible. But I’m not doing it, I’m not even trying. I’ll be at home with son, watching [ . . read more . . ]

Should Saturdays be this good?

This Saturday features several exceptional match-ups. Texas A&M vs. Arkansas at Cowboys Stadium – The last game between the two before A&M joins the SEC, and most likely plays Arkansas every season.  The winner will be sitting pretty. Clemson at Virginia Tech – Many people thought Virginia Tech would be undefeated for this [ . . read more . . ]

The Badger State is Brewing!

This could this be the greatest weekend in Badger State sports history. There are two National League playoff games for baseball fans, Packer football in Green Bay, and of course, a historic college football showdown in Madison. The weekend starts early Saturday when ESPN Gameday is broadcast from Madison. Bascom Hill, an amazing setting [ . . read more . . ]