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Not so Fast! Why Oklahoma teams are called the Sooners

It all started with the Homestead Act in 1862, which provided that a legal settler could claim 160 acres of public land, and those who lived on and improved the claimed land for five years could receive the title to it.  As most of what would become Oklahoma became settled, there was a large spot in the middle where land ceded to the [ . . read more . . ]

Don’t turn your back on this bird – What is a Jayhawk?

The University of Kansas website provides this outstanding explanation of the history of the Jayhawk name. The University of Kansas is home of the Jayhawk, a mythical bird with a fascinating history. Its origin is rooted in the historic struggles of Kansas settlers. The term “Jayhawk” was probably coined about 1848. Accounts [ . . read more . . ]

From VPI to Virginia Tech and from Gobblers to Hokies

What is a Hokie? According to the Virginia Tech website, the origin of the word “Hokie” has nothing to do with a turkey. It was coined by a student O.M. Stull (Class of 1896) who used it in a spirit yell he wrote for a competition.  Virginia Tech was founded in 1872 as a land-grant institution and named Virginia [ . . read more . . ]