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Football & Fashion: Uniform evolution in the ACC

By Garrett Lay There’s more coverage of college football through more media outlets today than ever before.   Everything is discussed, scrutinized, and analyzed.  Many times those talking points extend beyond simply commenting on how a team or player might be performing.  But in the last few years, a new topic has become a big part [ . . read more . . ]

My Gameday Experience at Clemson

This past weekend I traveled to Clemson, South Carolina and took in the Wake Forest vs. Clemson game.  I had agreat time, and learned a lot about the history and traditions of Clemson football. Death Valley Many people think the “Death Valley” nickname is derived from the fact that there  a cemetery located on the press box [ . . read more . . ]

Calling Baton Rouge – A weekend at LSU

When it came to Saturday’s game against Alabama, some LSU were thinking revenge. Revenge for last season’s loss to Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game. Revenge for Alabama being coached by Nick Saban who had previously been the coach at LSU. Even if fans weren’t seeking revenge, a common feeling was that last [ . . read more . . ]

Friday night lights at the Air Force Academy

Week seven on my cross-country journey, had me in probably my favorite stadium venue.   The Air Force Academy is a must see for the true college football fan, and The Academy offers more than just a football experience.    Once on base, there are numerous attractions to see, including the most popular man-made attraction in the [ . . read more . . ]

Checkerboards Everywhere in Knoxville

College football stadiums are known for being unique. Boise State has the blue field; Notre Dame has its diagonal end zone stripes; Tennessee has its orange and white checkerboard end zone. The checkerboard endzone has become synonymous with Neyland Stadium. It was listed No. 1 on Bleacher Report’s “Top 15 College Football [ . . read more . . ]

Why the Volunteers? Why orange? UT questions answered

Every school has traditions that its fans begin learning at birth. Sometimes, the reasons those traditions came about are obvious. A lot of fans wonder about the University of Tennessee‘s two distinct characteristics: the “Volunteer” nickname and the color orange. The Volunteer nickname dates back 200 years to the War of [ . . read more . . ]

Zipping down to Akron for a game

The fourth game on my college football journey across the country found me in Akron Ohio. Originally, I planned to head down to Athens, Ohio to catch “The” Ohio University game against Buffalo. My plans changed Friday evening while attending a high school football game. I ran into a nice couple whose son was playing for [ . . read more . . ]