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SEC Bowl Projections

During the fall, we publish bowl projections from around football experts web every week beginning after any team gets to six wins.  We also provide analysis on the projections and make a pick ourselves we call, “The Crazy Bowl Projection.”   This week, we are providing pre-season bowl projections and commentary on the Power 5 conferences.  Next week, we’ll touch on projections for several notable independents and leading Group of 5 teams. Here are expert SEC bowl projections from around the web:


  • Athlon Sports – Cotton Bowl (Playoff)
  • College Football News – Cotton Bowl (Playoff)
  • Phil Steele – Orange Bowl (Playoff)
  • Sporting News – Orange Bowl (Playoff)
  • Street & Smith’s – Cotton Bowl (Playoff)


  • College Football News – Belk Bowl


  • Athlon Sports – Sugar Bowl
  • College Football News – Sugar Bowl
  • Phil Steele – Citrus Bowl
  • Sporting News – Citrus Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Sugar Bowl


  • Athlon Sports – Outback Bowl
  • College Football News – Gator Bowl
  • Phil Steele – Gator Bowl
  • Sporting News – Independence Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Belk Bowl


  • Athlon Sports – Orange Bowl (Playoff)
  • College Football News – Orange Bowl (Playoff)
  • Phil Steele – Sugar Bowl
  • Sporting News – Sugar Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Cotton Bowl (Playoff)


  • Athlon Sports – Liberty Bowl
  • Sporting News – Military Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Birmingham Bowl


  • Athlon Sports – Texas Bowl
  • College Football News – Outback Bowl
  • Phil Steele – Liberty Bowl
  • Sporting News – Belk Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Citrus Bowl

Mississippi State

  • Athlon Sports – Citrus Bowl
  • College Football News – Music City Bowl
  • Phil Steele – Outback Bowl
  • Sporting News – Gator Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Gator Bowl


  • Athlon Sports – Belk Bowl
  • College Football News – Birmingham Bowl
  • Phil Steele – Belk Bowl
  • Sporting News – Music City Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Liberty Bowl

Ole Miss

  • No bowls projected (ineligible)

South Carolina

  • Athlon Sports – Music City Bowl
  • College Football News – Citrus Bowl
  • Phil Steele – Music City Bowl
  • Sporting News – Outback Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Outback Bowl


  • Athlon Sports – Birmingham Bowl
  • College Football News – Liberty Bowl
  • Sporting News –Street & Smith’s – Music City Bowl

Texas A&M

  • Athlon Sports – TaxSlayer Bowl
  • College Football News – Texas Bowl
  • Phil Steele – Texas Bowl
  • Sporting News – Texas Bowl
  • Street & Smith’s – Independence Bowl


  • No bowls projected


Definitely Going Bowling – Nine schools from the SEC are projected by all five experts to appear in the post-season.  Texas A&M, South Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi State, LSU,Georgia, Florida, Auburn and Alabama each were projected to receive a bowl bid by all five sources.  Tennessee and Kentucky are each believed to be bowl teams by three of the five and Arkansas by one.  Vanderbilt is not projected to receive a bowl bid by any of the five, and Ole Miss is not eligible this season.

The Top-Tier – All five sources have Alabama receiving a bid to the College Football Playoff, with three having Georgia also receiving a bid.  Two have Georgia going to the Sugar Bowl, and three have Auburn going to the Sugar Bowl.  No other teams are projected for an appearance in the Playoff or a committee selected game.

The Crazy Projection – South Carolina to the Gator Bowl.  How does it happen?  The SEC is very good again this year, so teams like Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, could finish ahead of South Carolina in conference play.  South Carolina does face both Georgia and Florida, and has to travel to the Grove, and closes the season out at Clemson.  The Gamecocks are solid, the Gator Bowl is an old-time classic, and Jacksonville is a great trip and easy to get to from South Carolina.

What if we applied to the entire conference  – It gets hard, the rules for our projections is that we cannot choose a team for a game if any of the five sources listed have selected that team to appear in that game.  That means we cannot select Alabama to appear in a College Football Playoff qualifying game, and we cannot pick Georgia for the Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl or Orange Bowl, or Mississippi State for any of the Florida bowls, or the Music City Bowl.  So with those parameters to work from, here are our projections:

  • Alabama – Sugar Bowl
  • Arkansas – Music City Bowl
  • Auburn – Orange Bowl (Playoff)
  • Florida – Citrus Bowl
  • Georgia – Fiesta Bowl
  • Kentucky – No bowl projected
  • LSU – Independence Bowl – Maybe the toughest schedule
  • Mississippi State – Liberty Bowl (Facing the Big XII runner-up!)
  • Missouri – Texas Bowl
  • Ole Miss – No Bowl projected (probation)
  • South Carolina – Gator Bowl
  • Tennessee – Belk
  • Texas A&M – Birmingham Bowl
  • Vanderbilt – No bowl projected








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