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Big 12 Bowl Projections 2017-18

Where will you be spending the best week of the year?  We surveyed four of our favorite college football magazines and are sharing their projections. Afterward, we’ll have some analysis for the 2017-18 Big 12 college bowl season.


  • Athlon Sports – Texas Bowl vs. Arkansas 
  • Phil Steele – Foster Farms Bowl* vs. UCLA
  • Sporting News  Heart of Dallas Bowl vs. Southern Miss 
  • Street & Smith’s –Heart of Dallas Bowl vs. Southern Miss 

Iowa State

  • Athlon Sports – Home for the Holidays
  • Phil Steele – Home for the Holidays
  • Sporting News –  Home for the Holidays
  • Street & Smith’s – Home for the Holidays 


  • Athlon Sports – Home for the Holidays
  • Phil Steele  – Home for the Holidays
  • Sporting News –  Home for the Holidays
  • Street & Smith’s – Home for the Holidays

Kansas State

  • Athlon Sports – Cactus Bowl vs. Utah 
  • Phil Steele – Cactus Bowl vs. Utah 
  • Sporting News  Alamo Bowl vs. Stanford
  • Street & Smith’s – Alamo Bowl vs. Stanford   


  • Athlon Sports – Cotton Bowl vs. Michigan
  • Phil Steele – Fiesta Bowl vs. Penn State
  • Sporting News – Cotton Bowl vs. Michigan
  • Street & Smith’s – Cotton Bowl vs. Michigan

Oklahoma State

  • Athlon Sports –  Camping World Bowl vs. Notre Dame 
  • Phil Steele – Alamo Bowl vs. Stanford
  • Sporting News Camping World Bowl vs. Louisville
  • Street & Smith’s – Camping World Bowl vs. Louisville  


  • Athlon Sports – Heart of Dallas Bowl vs. UTSA
  • Phil Steele – Liberty Bowl vs. Tennessee 
  • Sporting News Cactus Bowl vs.  Air Force
  • Street & Smith’s – Cactus Bowl vs. Wyoming  


  • Athlon Sports – Alamo Bowl vs. Stanford  
  • Phil Steele – Texas Bowl vs. Texas A&M
  • Sporting News Liberty Bowl vs. Tennessee 
  • Street & Smith’s – Texas Bowl vs. Missouri 

Texas Tech

  • Athlon Sports – Home for the Holidays 
  • Phil Steele – Home for the Holidays
  • Sporting News – Home for the Holidays 
  • Street & Smith’s – Home for the Holidays 

West Virginia

  • Athlon Sports – Liberty Bowl vs. South Carolina 
  • Phil Steele – Camping World vs. Pittsburgh
  • Sporting News Texas Bowl vs. Mississippi State
  • Street & Smith’s – Liberty Bowl vs. Tennessee 


A lot to love in the Big 12– There is a lot of parity in the Big 12, it seems are six or seven teams that could contend for the conference championship,

Each of the experts has Oklahoma as the only Big 12 representative in a New Year’s Six bowl game, with three calling for a match-up against Michigan in the Cotton Bowl.  We don’t see that happening, Oklahoma State is our prediction to win the conference.  The experts all seem to agree on is that Iowa State, Kansas and Texas Tech will be home for the holidays, but of those three, we see Iowa State as most likely to make it back to a bowl game.  Two of the experts picked Kansas State to appear in the Alamo Bowl, and two others to appear in the Cactus.  Bill Snyder will again be an overachiever, and if he announces his retirement, Kansas State will be a very popular bowl selection.   Additionally, there are reasons that Texas, TCU or West Virginia could turn in a 10-win season and play their way into a New Year’s Six bowl game.

The Big 12 bowl selection order is the New Year’s Six / College Football Playoff, followed by the Alamo Bowl, then the Camping World Bowl, Texas Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Cactus Bowl and Heart of Dallas Bowl.  Remember that the Sugar Bowl, typically the destination of the Big 12 Champion, is Playoff Semi-Final, so if the Champion is not ranked Nos. 1-4, they’ll be playing in Atlanta, Dallas or Phoenix.  Also, the bowl selection order isn’t necessarily an order of where teams will finish.  For example, TCU could finish ahead of West Virginia or Texas, but may take a bid to Arizona because the Horned Frogs were in Memphis last year, while West Virginia has bowled in Memphis and Arizona during the last three years.

Here’s how we see things ending up! We did our best to adhere to the one rule of only pick teams to appear in games that none of the experts picked — there was only one team in one game we couldn’t avoid overlap.  Here’s our picks, please share yours!

  • Playoff – Oklahoma State
  • Alamo – Oklahoma
  • Camping  World – Kansas State
  • Texas – TCU
  • Liberty – Texas 
  • Cactus – West Virginia
  • Heart of Dallas – Iowa State 

How do you see things shaping up?  Share your thoughts and comments.

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