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Tigers vs. Tigers

LSU headed to the plains to battle against Auburn for an SEC win… either way it went a Tiger would be the winner.

Thousands of fans dressed in orange and blue and purple and gold filled Jordan-Hare Stadium with one thing in common.. the mascot.

imageAlthough the teams are rivals, it was a friendly day across the plains.

Two Auburn fans enjoyed their first SEC game and said what better way than to be at Jordan-Hare?

imageJacob Haeffele and Robert Green decided to attend the Tigers vs. Tigers game because of the intense blowout game last year. Along with him was his best friend.. Green said he wanted the LSU and Auburn game to be his first because he felt both teams were equally talented.

LSU defeated the Auburn Tiger’s 45-21 and the media targeted certain Auburn defense players. Haeffele said that he knew that this year’s game would be redemption and he wanted to witness it for himself.

and Haeffele was correct… Auburn defeated LSU with one second… ironically..

“I believe that this will be a battle that we will never forget,” said Green.

Green was also right, because Auburn defeated LSU on a reverse call.

Haeffele said that he loves the atmosphere in Auburn and that he has always dreamed of attending a game. This is just the beginning for him he said, and he looks forward to attending many more.


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