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The only stat LSU fans need to know about the Wisconsin game

LSU fans in Syracuse

Will the same thing happen to Paul Chryst? ( LSU fans at Syracuse.)

When the LSU Tigers led by Heisman Trophy contender Leonard Fournette, travel to the Northern State of Wisconsin to meet the Wisconsin Badgers in the first-ever FBS football game at Lambeau  Field, it will seem like old news for Wisconsin Head Football Coach Paul Chryst.  No, it isn’t because he’s faced LSU before,  nor tried to devise a scheme to stop Fournette, or even played a team with  yellow helmets.  But he has done something no other head coach has done.  Every time Paul Chryst in his coaching career that he has faced an FBS-opponent in the opening weekend of the season, that team has gone on have a Heisman Trophy winner.  But that’s not all, the teams would also go on to win the National Championship.  


Does Rally Possum like football?  (LSU fans in Hoover.)

The odds of facing a team that features a Heisman Trophy winner and that wins the National Championship are pretty rare.  A team has had a Heisman Trophy winner and won a National Championship only 15 times.  And there is only one other coach who kicked off a season facing more than one team that would win a National Championship and be led by a Heisman Trophy winner, and that was Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech.

From my phone 545

Will the beat go on?  (Tiger Band in Baton Rouge.)

For Chryst, the first time it happened was when he was the the head coach at Pitt.  The Panthers took on Florida State and Freshman Quarterback James Winston who would go on to win the Heisman while leading the Seminoles to the BCS National Championship.  Last year, in his first season as Wisconsin’s Head Coach, Chryst’s team faced an Alabama team, led by Derrick Henry, that would go on to win the College Football Playoff.   This year, he’ll face LSU and Heisman-hopeful Leonard Fournette.  Could facing Paul Chryst bring good luck for Les Miles, Leonard Fournette and the Tiger Nation?   Find out on September 3 when the Voyage to Tampa Bay starts in Green Bay!



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