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A few ways to save money on your trip to Wisconsin

Lake Michigan shoreline

Lake Michigan shoreline

Fans traveling to Wisconsin for the LSU vs. Wisconsin football game at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field may be finding that attending a once-in-a-lifetime event can carry a price tag that they may not want to pay more than once.  As a Wisconsin-based tour operator and a huge college football fan, I’ve put together a series of tips that can help you have an outstanding trip, and save you money.

As of this writing, round-trips from Baton Rouge to Green Bay in coach were running more than $700, and flights from New Orleans were averaging from  $600-800.  Even hub airports like Houston have fares that range from $600 to more than $800, depending on the days of travel.  Whether you are traveling in a party of one or a party of 20, that’s a lot of money, begging the question of, how do you get to the game without breaking your budget?  Here are a few suggestions that can save you money getting here, and actually, make your trip here easier.  At the end, there’s information on how to save money on your stay and make it amazing on days other than game day.
Farmland is Wisconsin

Farmland is Wisconsin

First and foremost, come early and stay late.  Flights into Green Bay are less expensive earlier in the week.  You may find that your flight savings can just about pay for the extra days.  And if you are wondering what to do with your extra time in Wisconsin, the weather is typically very nice with an average high of 76.  In the next few months, we’ll have dozens of suggestions coming, such as Being Frank, visiting the Windy City, shopping at the Mall, and experiencing the Brew City.  (Visit, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our WordPress blog).

Leaving Milwaukee harbor

Leaving Milwaukee harbor

And if you have the time, not only do we have the beer, you can save a lot of money — Amtrak’s daily service currently runs $155 from New Orleans to Milwaukee game week.  The journey isn’t bad, it leaves New Orleans at 1:45 p.m., and arrives in Milwaukee the next day before Noon.  The return leaves at 5:45 p.m. and arrives in New Orleans at about 3:30 p.m.  If you are a student or senior, or belong to AAA, there are discounts available.  (My company is providing transportation to Lambeau, more details at end of story.)

Even if you can’t come early or stay late, there are several transportation and airport alternatives that can save you hundreds of dollars.  The first thing that we would encourage you to do is consider other airports.  For example, flying other nearby airports such as Milwaukee, Minneapolis or Chicago can save you hundreds of dollars on your flight, and put you in a position to save on hotels, and have great experiences that you won’t find in Green Bay.
The Milwaukee Art Museum on the shore of Lake Michigan

The Milwaukee Art Museum on the shore of Lake Michigan

Perhaps the best alternative is to fly into Milwaukee (MKE).  As of this writing, a round-trip on Southwest Airlines from August 31 to September 4 is less than $400, and other carriers have flights available for a little more than $300.  Besides saving money, Milwaukee is a great alternative, and where we are basing our packages out of.  (We’ll make it easy for you, because we’ll pick you up at the airport, – more details here or after the story.)  But Milwaukee is where  you can sleep in a brewery and  party at Harley.  Catch fish from the Great Lakes, catch the Brewers and Cubs or tee off where another Tiger was launched.  Taste the best Bloody Marys in America, find out for yourself why it is called the Brew City and attend Sunday mass at the Basilica.

Yes, you can sleep in the former Pabst Brewery, which is now an outstanding award-winning hotel.

Yes, you can sleep in the former Pabst Brewery, which is now an outstanding award-winning hotel.

Just 67 miles from Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport is Chicago O’Hare International, the second-busiest airport in the country.  Chicago O’Hare (ORD) has numerous flight options, and round-trip fares available for a little more than $200.  Also in Chicago, is Midway Airport (MDW), a hub for Southwest Airlines that offers nonstop service to New Orleans.  Flights to Midway on August 31 currently can be purchased for $119.  (We are offering transportation from either Chicago airport for our customers.)

If you like to shop and save, another great alternative is to fly into Minneapolis (MSP). Flights from New Orleans are currently available for about $250 round-trip, and it would be a great place to start a Midwest vacation.  Join our group there and you can stay at the Mall of America, or in the near the University of Minnesota.  Whether you want to shop, or want to kickoff the football season at the Oregon State vs. Minnesota game on Thursday night, it is a great place to start our trip.  Then you can join our host and travel with him to Milwaukee on Friday, or if you rent a car, drive through beautiful Northern Wisconsin.

Gas tanks as art at the Harley Davidson Museum

No matter which destination you choose to fly into, remember that you can buy one-way tickets on Amtrak, as well as to all of the airports that I have listed.  Don’t hesitate to fly in and out of different airports, such as into Minneapolis or out of Milwaukee, or take the train for one part of your journey.  Experience the Midwest and save a little bit of money too.

(If you need help, I can be reached at 414-324-7225.)
A sample of packages available from
The Brew City Made Easy – Sleep take you to the game, and shuttle you everywhere you want to go in between.  Sleep in a brewery and  Party at Harley.  Fish the Great Lakes, Tee off where another Tiger launched.  Taste the best Bloody Marys, find out why it is called the Brew City and attend Sunday mass at the Basilica. Includes airport transportation and  all local transit, plus gameday transportation, tailgate and tickets.  $2,599 for two, including all taxes, fees and much more.  Ticketless packages available if you have tickets from school.  More information on website or call 414-324-7225 with any questions or to book.
The Affordable Easy
Self-directed packages –
Three-nights at just-remodeled Brookfield Doubletree, and roundtrip GameDay transportation for two and tailgate, just $499.  Call 414-324-7225 to reserve.

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