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Latest Bowl Projections – November 30, 2015

With the regular season over for most teams, and just a handful of games this weekend, the bowl picture should have become much more clear.  But last minute scores and dominating performances may have scored style points and the four experts we’ve been following have only four games that they are in agreement on and only 20 of 80 teams are picked in a specific game by all four.  Here are the expert’s projections, followed by a bit of analysis, and our bowl prediction.

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl      

  • Jerry Palm – San Diego State vs. Washington State
  • Jason Kirk – BYU vs. Cal
  • Mark Schlabach – San Diego State vs. Washington State
  • Brett McMurphy – San Diego State vs. Washington State

New Orleans Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Arkansas State vs. Southern Miss
  • Jason Kirk – Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech
  • Mark Schlabach – Appalachian State vs. Southern Miss
  • Brett McMurphy – Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech

New Mexico Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Washington vs. New Mexico
  • Jason Kirk – Central Michigan vs. New Mexico
  • Mark Schlabach –Cal vs. New Mexico
  • Brett McMurphy – Central Michigan vs. New Mexico

Camellia Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Toledo vs. Georgia Southern
  • Jason Kirk – Northern Illinois vs. Appalachian State
  • Mark Schlabach –Akron vs. South Alabama
  • Brett McMurphy –Western Michigan vs. Appalachian State

AutoNation Cure Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Connecticut vs. Arizona
  • Jason Kirk – USF vs. Utah State
  • Mark Schlabach – Connecticut vs. Georgia Southern
  • Brett McMurphy – Tulsa vs. San Jose State

Miami Beach Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Cincinnati vs. Marshall
  • Jason Kirk – Temple vs. Southern Miss
  • Mark Schlabach – Temple vs. Western Kentucky
  • Brett McMurphy – USF vs. Western Kentucky

Boca Raton Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Temple vs. Ohio
  • Jason Kirk – Cincinnati vs. Ohio
  • Mark Schlabach – Memphis vs. Toledo
  • Brett McMurphy – Connecticut vs. Toledo

Idaho Potato Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Northern Illinois vs. Colorado
  • Jason Kirk – Toledo vs. Boise State
  • Mark Schlabach – Ohio vs. Nevada
  • Brett McMurphy – Akron vs. Boise State Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Bowling Green vs. Appalachian State
  • Jason Kirk – Bowling Green vs. Georgia Southern
  • Mark Schlabach – Bowling Green vs. Arkansas State
  • Brett McMurphy – Bowling Green vs. Georgia Southern

Poinsettia Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Boise State vs. Western Michigan
  • Jason Kirk – San Diego State vs. Arizona
  • Mark Schlabach – Boise State vs. Northern Illinois
  • Brett McMurphy – Air Force vs. Northern Illinois

Hawai’i Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Tulsa vs. BYU
  • Jason Kirk – Tulsa vs. Colorado State
  • Mark Schlabach – Tulsa vs. BYU
  • Brett McMurphy – Temple vs. BYU

Bahamas Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Middle Tennessee vs. Akron
  • Jason Kirk – Middle Tennessee vs. Akron
  • Mark Schlabach – Middle Tennessee vs. Western Michigan
  • Brett McMurphy – Middle Tennessee vs. Ohio

Foster Farms Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Indiana vs. USC
  • Jason Kirk – Illinois vs. USC
  • Mark Schlabach – Utah State vs. USC
  • Brett McMurphy – Penn State vs. UCLA

Independence Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Missouri vs. Duke
  • Jason Kirk – Missouri vs. Western Michigan
  • Mark Schlabach –N.C. State vs. Kentucky
  • Brett McMurphy – Duke vs. Missouri

Pinstripe Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – N.C. State vs. Minnesota
  • Jason Kirk – Louisville vs. Indiana
  • Mark Schlabach – Pitt vs. Indiana
  • Brett McMurphy – Pitt vs. Indiana

Heart of Dallas Bowl

  • Jerry Palm –Arizona State vs. Western Kentucky
  • Jason Kirk – Washington vs. Western Kentucky
  • Mark Schlabach – Louisiana Tech vs. Missouri
  • Brett McMurphy – Nevada vs. Southern Miss

Sun Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Louisville vs. UCLA
  • Jason Kirk – Miami (FL) vs. Washington State
  • Mark Schlabach – Louisville vs. UCLA
  • Brett McMurphy – Miami (FL) vs. Utah

St. Petersburg Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – South Florida vs. San Jose State
  • Jason Kirk – Connecticut vs. San Jose State
  • Mark Schlabach – South Florida vs. Marshall
  • Brett McMurphy – Cincinnati vs. Marshall

Quick Lane Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Central Michigan vs. Nevada
  • Jason Kirk – Duke vs. Nebraska
  • Mark Schlabach – Central Michigan vs. Minnesota
  • Brett McMurphy – California vs. Minnesota

Military Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Pittsburgh vs. Navy
  • Jason Kirk – N.C. State vs. Navy
  • Mark Schlabach – Duke vs. Navy
  • Brett McMurphy – N.C. State vs. Navy

Texas Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M
  • Jason Kirk – Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M
  • Mark Schlabach – Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M
  • Brett McMurphy – West Virginia vs. LSU

Arizona Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Louisiana Tech vs. Utah State
  • Jason Kirk – Marshall vs. Nevada
  • Mark Schlabach – Arizona vs. Colorado State
  • Brett McMurphy – Arizona vs. Colorado State

Armed Forces Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Nebraska vs. Air Force
  • Jason Kirk – Arizona State vs. Air Force
  • Mark Schlabach – Air Force vs. Washington
  • Brett McMurphy – Utah State vs. Washington

Russell Athletic Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – North Carolina vs. Oklahoma State
  • Jason Kirk – North Carolina vs. Oklahoma State
  • Mark Schlabach – North Carolina vs. Oklahoma State
  • Brett McMurphy – North Carolina vs. Oklahoma State

Birmingham Bowl

  • Jerry Palm –Memphis vs. Auburn
  • Jason Kirk – Memphis vs. Auburn
  • Mark Schlabach – Cincinnati vs. Auburn
  • Brett McMurphy – Memphis vs. Auburn

Belk Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Virginia Tech vs. LSU
  • Jason Kirk – Virginia Tech vs. Mississippi State
  • Mark Schlabach – Virginia Tech vs. Mississippi State
  • Brett McMurphy – Virginia Tech vs. Mississippi State

Music City Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Penn State vs. Georgia
  • Jason Kirk – Pitt vs. Georgia
  • Mark Schlabach – Miami vs. Georgia
  • Brett McMurphy – Arkansas vs. Nebraska

Holiday Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Wisconsin vs. Utah
  • Jason Kirk – Wisconsin vs. Utah
  • Mark Schlabach – Wisconsin vs. Utah
  • Brett McMurphy – Wisconsin vs. Oregon

Peach Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Florida State vs. Notre Dame
  • Jason Kirk – Florida State vs. Iowa
  • Mark Schlabach – Florida State vs. Houston
  • Brett McMurphy – Florida State vs.  Iowa

Cotton Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Alabama vs. Michigan State
  • Jason Kirk – Alabama vs. Michigan State
  • Mark Schlabach – Alabama vs. Michigan State
  • Brett McMurphy – Alabama vs. Michigan State

Orange Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Clemson vs. Oklahoma
  • Jason Kirk – Clemson vs. Oklahoma
  • Mark Schlabach – Clemson vs. Oklahoma
  • Brett McMurphy – Clemson vs. Oklahoma

Outback Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Northwestern vs. Tennessee
  • Jason Kirk – Northwestern vs. Tennessee
  • Mark Schlabach – Northwestern vs. Tennessee
  • Brett McMurphy – Northwestern vs. Tennessee

Citrus Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Michigan vs. Ole Miss
  • Jason Kirk – Michigan vs. Florida
  • Mark Schlabach – Michigan vs. Florida
  • Brett McMurphy – Michigan vs. Florida

Fiesta Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Ohio State vs. Houston
  • Jason Kirk – Notre Dame vs. Houston
  • Mark Schlabach – Notre Dame vs. Iowa
  • Brett McMurphy – Notre Dame vs. Houston

Rose Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Iowa vs. Stanford
  • Jason Kirk – Ohio State vs. Stanford
  • Mark Schlabach – Ohio State vs. Stanford
  • Brett McMurphy – Ohio State vs. Stanford

Sugar Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Baylor vs. Florida
  • Jason Kirk – Baylor vs. Ole Miss
  • Mark Schlabach – Baylor vs. Ole Miss
  • Brett McMurphy – Baylor vs. Ole Miss

TaxSlayer Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Miami (FL) vs. Mississippi State
  • Jason Kirk – Penn State vs. LSU
  • Mark Schlabach – Penn State vs. LSU
  • Brett McMurphy – Louisville vs. Texas A&M

Liberty Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Kansas State vs. Arkansas
  • Jason Kirk – Kansas State vs. Arkansas
  • Mark Schlabach – Kansas State vs. Arkansas
  • Brett McMurphy – Texas Tech vs. Georgia

Alamo Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – TCU vs. Oregon
  • Jason Kirk – TCU vs. Oregon
  • Mark Schlabach – TCU vs. Oregon
  • Brett McMurphy TCU vs. USC

Cactus Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – West Virginia vs. California
  • Jason Kirk – West Virginia vs. UCLA
  • Mark Schlabach – West Virginia vs. Arizona State
  • Brett McMurphy – Kansas State vs. Arizona State

 National Championship Game       January 11

Big 12 – All of the experts have Oklahoma in the Playoff, and of the three teams tied for second place, they have Baylor playing in the Sugar Bowl, TCU in the Alamo Bowl and Oklahoma State in the Russell Athletic Bowl.   Simply sit back and enjoy the ride — this is one where it doesn’t matter where you play, or who you play, because no matter what they’ll face quality opponents (projections are for Ole Miss, Oregon and North Carolina) in great destinations, and the games will be exciting.  Simply enjoy!

BiG 10 – All of the experts have Michigan State defeating Iowa in the Big 10 Championship Game.   And only one of the four has Iowa playing in the Rose Bowl, which goes to the highest ranked Big 10 team after the playoff selections, the other three have Iowa playing in the Peach Bowl or the Fiestat Bowl.  But not so fast my friends, did you know that the underdog has won that game every time it’s been played?




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