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Updated Bowl Projections – November 2, 2015

Every Monday we publish bowl projections from several college football experts and offer a little analysis of the expert projections. We’ll also provide a bowl projection that may seem crazy at first, but we’ll provide the rationale behind it.

I CAN’T SEE CLEARLY NOW – Following a crazy week, last weekend was supposed to clear things up in the drive to the College Football Playoff and several other bowl games.  But several upsets, led by Michigan State’s defeat of Ohio State, have shifted the playoff and bowl picture.  Other performances that resulted in wins without style points have people questioning the quality of several teams that have solid records.  Here’s expert projections, followed by our observation, commentary and crazy bowl projection.

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl      

  • Jerry Palm – San Diego State vs. USC
  • Jason Kirk – Air Force vs. California
  • Mark Schlabach – San Diego State vs. USC
  • Brett McMurphy – San Diego State vs. USC


New Orleans Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Southern Miss vs. Arkansas State
  • Jason Kirk – Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech
  • Mark Schlabach – Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech
  • Brett McMurphy – Southern Miss vs. San Jose State


New Mexico Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Western Michigan vs. New Mexico
  • Jason Kirk – Central Michigan vs. New Mexico
  • Mark Schlabach – Middle Tennessee vs. New Mexico
  • Brett McMurphy – Old Dominion vs. New Mexico


Camellia Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Toledo vs. Georgia Southern
  • Jason Kirk – Northern Illinois vs. Appalachian State
  • Mark Schlabach –Akron vs. Kentucky
  • Brett McMurphy –Ohio vs. Appalachian State


AutoNation Cure Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – East Carolina vs. Buffalo
  • Jason Kirk – USF vs. Akron
  • Mark Schlabach – Connecticut vs. Georgia Southern
  • Brett McMurphy – Tulsa vs. Georgia Southern


Miami Beach Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Connecticut vs. Middle Tennessee
  • Jason Kirk – East Carolina vs. Marshall
  • Mark Schlabach – Temple vs. Western Kentucky
  • Brett McMurphy – USF vs. Western Kentucky


Boca Raton Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Temple vs. Ohio
  • Jason Kirk – Memphis vs. Western Michigan
  • Mark Schlabach – Memphis vs. Toledo
  • Brett McMurphy – Cincinnati vs. Toledo


Idaho Potato Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Bowling Green vs. Colorado State
  • Jason Kirk – Bowling Green vs. Boise State
  • Mark Schlabach – Ohio vs. Nevada
  • Brett McMurphy – Akron vs. Boise State Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Northern Illinois vs. Appalachian State
  • Jason Kirk – Toledo vs. Georgia Southern
  • Mark Schlabach – Bowling Green vs. Appalachian State
  • Brett McMurphy – Northern Illinois vs. Arkansas State


Poinsettia Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Boise State vs. Arizona State
  • Jason Kirk – San Diego State vs. Arizona
  • Mark Schlabach – Boise State vs. Western Michigan
  • Brett McMurphy – Air Force vs. Western Michigan


Hawai’i Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Tulsa vs. BYU
  • Jason Kirk – Tulsa vs. BYU
  • Mark Schlabach – Tulsa vs. BYU
  • Brett McMurphy – Temple vs. BYU


Bahamas Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Akron vs. Marshall
  • Jason Kirk – Old Dominion vs. Ohio
  • Mark Schlabach – Northern Illinois vs. Marshall
  • Brett McMurphy – Bowling Green vs. Marshall


Foster Farms Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Indiana vs. Washington State
  • Jason Kirk – Nebraska vs. Oregon
  • Mark Schlabach – Indiana vs. Washington State
  • Brett McMurphy – Penn State vs. Utah


Independence Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Arizona vs. Duke
  • Jason Kirk – Cincinnati vs. Utah State
  • Mark Schlabach –Arizona State vs. Virginia Tech
  • Brett McMurphy – Cal vs. Buffalo


Pinstripe Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – N.C. State vs. Cincinnati
  • Jason Kirk – Louisville vs. Indiana
  • Mark Schlabach – Pitt vs. Minnesota
  • Brett McMurphy – Louisville vs. Indiana


Heart of Dallas Bowl

  • Jerry Palm –Washington vs. Western Kentucky
  • Jason Kirk – Washington vs. Southern Miss
  • Mark Schlabach – East Carolina vs. Southern Miss
  • Brett McMurphy – Middle Tennessee vs. Washington


Sun Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Louisville vs. UCLA
  • Jason Kirk – N.C. State vs. Washington State
  • Mark Schlabach – Miami (FL) vs. Utah
  • Brett McMurphy – Miami (FL) vs. Washington State

St. Petersburg Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – South Florida vs. Louisiana Tech
  • Jason Kirk – Connecticut vs. Middle Tennessee
  • Mark Schlabach – South Florida vs. Old Dominion
  • Brett McMurphy – Houston vs. Louisiana Tech


Quick Lane Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Central Michigan vs. Nevada
  • Jason Kirk – Duke vs. Minnesota
  • Mark Schlabach – Central Michigan vs. Missouri
  • Brett McMurphy – Central Michigan vs. Minnesota


Military Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Miami (FL) vs. Navy
  • Jason Kirk – Miami (FL) vs. Temple
  • Mark Schlabach – N.C. State vs. Navy
  • Brett McMurphy – Duke vs. Connecticut


Texas Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – West Virginia vs. Arkansas
  • Jason Kirk – Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M
  • Mark Schlabach – West Virginia vs. Mississippi State
  • Brett McMurphy – West Virginia vs. Texas A&M


Arizona Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Old Dominion vs. Utah State
  • Jason Kirk – Western Kentucky vs. Nevada
  • Mark Schlabach – Arizona State vs. Utah State
  • Brett McMurphy – Arizona vs. Colorado State


Armed Forces Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Nebraska vs. Air Force
  • Jason Kirk – Arizona State vs. Colorado State
  • Mark Schlabach – Buffalo vs. Colorado State
  • Brett McMurphy – Nevada vs. Virginia Tech


Russell Athletic Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – North Carolina vs. TCU
  • Jason Kirk – North Carolina vs. TCU
  • Mark Schlabach – North Carolina vs. TCU
  • Brett McMurphy – North Carolina vs. TCU


Birmingham Bowl

  • Jerry Palm –Memphis vs. Auburn
  • Jason Kirk – Houston vs. Auburn
  • Mark Schlabach – Cincinnati vs. Auburn
  • Brett McMurphy – Memphis vs. Auburn


Belk Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Virginia Tech vs. Texas A&M
  • Jason Kirk – Virginia Tech vs. Mississippi State
  • Mark Schlabach – Duke vs. Arkansas
  • Brett McMurphy – N.C. State vs. LSU


Music City Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Penn State vs. Ole Miss
  • Jason Kirk – Pitt vs. Georgia
  • Mark Schlabach – Louisville vs. Texas  A&M
  • Brett McMurphy – Tennessee vs. Nebraska


Holiday Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Wisconsin vs. Utah
  • Jason Kirk – Wisconsin vs. Utah
  • Mark Schlabach – Wisconsin vs. UCLA
  • Brett McMurphy – Northwestern vs. Oregon


Peach Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Florida State vs. Notre Dame
  • Jason Kirk – Florida State vs. Navy
  • Mark Schlabach – Florida State vs. Houston
  • Brett McMurphy – Florida State vs.  Navy


Cotton Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Alabama vs. Michigan State
  • Jason Kirk – Alabama vs. Michigan State
  • Mark Schlabach – Alabama vs. Michigan State
  • Brett McMurphy – Alabama vs. Michigan State


Orange Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Clemson vs. Oklahoma
  • Jason Kirk – Clemson vs. Oklahoma
  • Mark Schlabach – Clemson vs. Oklahoma
  • Brett McMurphy – Clemson vs. Oklahoma


Outback Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Northwestern vs. LSU
  • Jason Kirk – Northwestern vs. Tennessee
  • Mark Schlabach – Northwestern vs. Tennessee
  • Brett McMurphy – Wisconsin vs. Arkansas


Citrus Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Michigan vs. Georgia
  • Jason Kirk – Ohio State vs. Florida
  • Mark Schlabach – Ohio State vs. Ole Miss
  • Brett McMurphy – Ohio State vs. Florida


Fiesta Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Ohio State vs. Houston
  • Jason Kirk – Notre Dame vs. Iowa
  • Mark Schlabach – Notre Dame vs. Michigan
  • Brett McMurphy – Notre Dame vs. Iowa


Rose Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Iowa vs. Stanford
  • Jason Kirk – Michigan vs. Stanford
  • Mark Schlabach – Iowa vs. Stanford
  • Brett McMurphy – Michigan vs. Stanford


Sugar Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Baylor vs. Florida
  • Jason Kirk – Baylor vs. Ole Miss
  • Mark Schlabach – Baylor vs. Florida
  • Brett McMurphy – Baylor vs. Ole Miss


TaxSlayer Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Pittsburgh vs. Mississippi State
  • Jason Kirk – Penn State vs. LSU
  • Mark Schlabach – Penn State vs. Georgia
  • Brett McMurphy – Pittsburgh vs. Mississippi State


Liberty Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Kansas State vs. Tennessee
  • Jason Kirk – Kansas State vs. Arkansas
  • Mark Schlabach – Texas Tech vs. LSU
  • Brett McMurphy – Kansas State vs. Georgia


Alamo Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
  • Jason Kirk – Oklahoma State vs. UCLA
  • Mark Schlabach – Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
  • Brett McMurphy Oklahoma State vs. UCLA


Cactus Bowl

  • Jerry Palm – Texas Tech vs. California
  • Jason Kirk – West Virginia vs. USC
  • Mark Schlabach – Air Force vs. California
  • Brett McMurphy – Utah State vs. Arizona State

 National Championship Game       January 11

THE EXPERTS AGREE – All four predict that College Football Playoff will feature  Alabama vs. Michigan State and that Clemson vs. Oklahoma.   In other games selected by the College Football Playoff, all four pick Stanford to appear in the Rose Bowl, Baylor in the Sugar Bowl and Florida State in the Peach Bowl. There are several other teams that earn consensus, including North Carolina and TCU in the Russell Athletic Bowl, Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl, BYU in the Hawai’i Bowl, Auburn in the Birmingham Bowl and New Mexico in the New Mexico Bowl.

WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH – As we pointed out when we first reported projections this season, there is a realistic chance that there will not be enough teams at 6-6  this season to fill all the bowl slots.  Dennis Dodd from CBS Sports has a story on this, When you don’t have enough .



  • Oregon vs. Miami (FL) in the Sun Bowl  – A TV ratings bonanza
  • Washington State vs. BYU in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl – Cougars come to Vegas looking to take back  some memories.
  • Nebraska vs. Virginia Tech in the Pinstripe Bowl – Frank Beamer deserves to be the toast off New York!
  • Boise State vs. Arizona State in the Cactus Bowl – Arizona has provided Boise fans with great memories.

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