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Those “University Boys” are turning into wolves — How New Mexico became the Lobos

Football has a long history at the University of New Mexico.  A team was first formed at the school in 1892, and it took to the field against an opponent for the first time in 1894.  Originally, school teams were referred to as the “University Boys” or “Varsities” until 1920, when George S. Bryan, the editor of a student newspaper editor at the University of New Mexico, suggested the Spanish word for wolf.  After that, University of New Mexico sports teams became known as the “Lobos.”    Back in the 1920’s, school even had a live wolf pup that appeared at every football game, a tradition that stopped after a child teased the wolf and was bitten.


Only 87 days until college football kicks off!

Our countdown started with the history of different school nicknames:

Tuesday- Aztecs

Wednesday- Boilermakers

Thursday– Commodores

Friday – Demon Deacons

Saturday – Eagles

Monday – Falcons

Tuesday – Gators

Wednesday – Hokies

Thursday – Jayhawks

Friday – Knights

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