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First Bowl Projections

Every Monday morning, beginning when the first team becomes bowl eligible, we publish bowl projections that we gather from across the web.    Our first projections could come out Monday, October 6, as Texas A&M and Nebraska have the opportunity next Saturday to become the first bowl-eligible teams of the season.   It’s not a done deal, as both teams will probably be underdogs as they are travelling to nationally ranked MSU teams, A&M going to Mississippi State and Nebraska heading to Michigan State.  If it doesn’t happen next week, then it will probably the following week.

We also include a projection that we don’t see published anywhere (and may seem crazy), but we’ll explain the rationale and how it can happen.  If you haven’t seen our projections, here’s a short example.

Arkansas vs. Louisville in the Music City Bowl – The way that this happens is that Louisville finishes with an 8-4 or 9-3 record and Arkansas gets six wins and achieves bowl eligibility.  With this season’s new criteria and methods for bowl selections (read more about it), the SEC and ACC make a match-up that has a little bit of history, most of which took place off the field.  It would also be an amazing game featuring two contrasting styles, as former Arkansas and current Louisville Head Coach Bobby Petrino would guide the high-flying Cardinals offense against Bret Bielema’s run-first, run-second and run-third Hogs team.  For fans lucky enough to attend, Nashville is an outstanding bowl destination.   Can it happen?  Yes, but it is likely that every one of the remaining conference teams Arkansas faces will be ranked in the Top-25, and the Hogs will need to pull off two upsets.  I would have thought that was unlikely, but this afternoon, they lost to No. 6 Texas A&M in overtime.   The other selection can be from either the Big Ten or the ACC, it is a shared pick with the Gator Bowl.  A few other bowl selections factor in, but we think that at the end of the season, Louisville will be a candidate for a Music City Bowl bid.

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