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Over the past few years, more teams have flirted with uniform changes, some in their designs, some in their colors, and some in the company in which they are sponsored by. If you are a college football enthusiast and love uniform information I urge you to follow @PhilHecken on Twitter. He is an editor for the website Uni Watch and posts new uniforms he sees as they appear. The easiest way for me to break these down for you will be in 4 distinct categories: “The Good” (uniforms that I am particularly fond of), “The Mehh” (uniforms which I don’t think are bad, but I’m not a big fan of), “The bad” (uniforms which I don’t like for various reasons) and “Uniforms with a purpose” (uniforms that have a reason behind their design).


The Good

  1. Oregon Ducks- Any color pattern. What article about uniforms can be complete without mention of the Ducks and their spectacular uniforms designed by NIKE. Oregon
  2. Miami Hurricanes- New helmets. This season Miami has stepped it up with new helmets that have a hurricane pattern on them in the typical Green and Orange colors, which look great in each color combination.                                                 U
  3. University of Alabama-Birmingham- New Helmets. When you mascot is a dragon, you need to make the most of it, and these helmets by UAB are a great use of a mascot. UAB
  4. Boise State- Specialty Helmet for Ole Miss. Everyone knows Boise State for their “smurf turf”, but with a great color combination of Blue and Orange, it’s a surprise that an Orange helmet hadn’t been used before. The large bronco on the side tops off the great look. Boise

The Mehh

  1. Florida State- New uniform design. When you take a historic program and alter their uniform, you have to do a great job, and I think NIKE did just okay with this rendition. Certain teams don’t feel right with updated designs (Penn State, Alabama, USC). While the changes are subtle, I’m not sure they were necessary.                    FSU
  2. Notre Dame- Shamrock Series. Notre Dame is another team with a historic background that has decided to try to become more modern in recent years. While I think the switch from Adidas to Under Armour will be a good choice in the long run, I didn’t think this years version of the Shamrock Series was a hit.                         ND
  3. Louisville- All Black. I am a huge fan of white helmets. I think they look sharp and provide so a crisp addition to any uniform. Louisville, who has a wonderful white helmet will be going with an all-black uniform this season. I don’t think this is a bad combination, I just think that their standard uniforms look better on the field. Louisville

The Bad

  1. Kansas- Multiple options- While the Jayhawks are dominant on the basketball court, the only time that are in the news for football is when they make a uniform change. This team has an assortment of options, but the worst for me is the red helmet with a cartoon looking Jayhawk that covers the entire side.                                  Kansas
  2. Marshall- Number issue. Last year Marshall had solid uniforms. The color green is bright and can look great on the field. However, the color gradient in this year’s uniform is nothing short of terrible.                                                                                      Marshall
  3. Nebraska- Adidas is trying to stay up to date, but with Nebraska they are trying too hard. Nebraska is a storied program. If you are going to do a specialty uniform it should contain black jerseys for the fames “blackshirt” defense they were known for. I’m not sure what Adidas was thinking here.                                                     Nebraska

Uniforms With a “Purpose”

  1. Arizona State- “Desert Fuel”. Arizona State has a new uniform design with copper as the primary focus. While this may seem strange, Copper has been a major industry for the state. ASU Copper
  2. Maryland- “Maryland Pride”. I’ll admit that when I first saw these uniforms I wasn’t sure if I should laugh, cry, or if they were a joke. The helmet had a split design and crazy patterns along the way. As I watch Maryland more though it has grown on me, and I look forward to seeing the uniforms.                                                                   Maryland
  3. UCLA- “LA Midnight”- UCLA for the second year has done a uniform with a note towards Los Angeles. The dark grey is a good change, one you don’t see often, but there is a reason that these will not be the primary uniforms for the Bruins. UCLA
  4. Utah- Mountains. Utah has great colors and a great utilization by Under Armour. This season there is the addition of mountains on the shoulders as homage to the landscape throughout Utah.                                                                                        Utah


All of this photos were found on @PhilHecken twitter account.

If I missed any uniforms you love, or hate let me know in the comments and I will try to get to them in my next uniform update.




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