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Bold Predictions for Texas Tech Football on ESPN.COM

Texas Tech is getting more and more people everyday jumping on the bandwagon in Lubbock, Texas. Jake Trotter of ESPN predicted Davis Webb will throw for more yards than Bryce Petty of the Baylor Bears. The reason being is that the Red Raiders have a pass heavy offense while Baylor has three solid running backs. The wide open offense Kliff Kingsbury instills for his program leaves no doubt that there will be numerous opportunities for big play capability for Davis Webb and the Red Raiders. You can be sure that if Webb stays healthy he will easily be able to accumulate over 4,000 passing yards.

Another bold prediction on ESPN was by Max Olson; he predicted Texas Tech to start the season off 7-0. The only big tests for the Red Raiders are going to be back to back away games at Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Another big game Texas Tech can’t overlook is their third game of the season against Arkansas, it would be a great sign if the defense could slow down the Razorbacks solid rushing attack and get a big win against a very successful SEC team in the past. I agree with Olson in that if Texas Tech can survive both of those road games while keeping Davis Webb healthy. With a standout returner in LaRaven Clark at left tackle and an improved offensive line Texas Tech has just as good an offensive line as anyone in the Big 12. If Texas Tech makes it through the first seven games the next five will be very intriguing, the two big games late in the season are home games against Texas and Oklahoma. This is the first time maybe since the Michael Crabtree years at Texas Tech that this program has generated this much buzz around the country. But Like I mentioned before the main thing for the Red Raiders is staying healthy as well as getting an improved defense to show up in big games.

This Saturday you can expect the Red Raiders to show off their talent and get a big win while moving up and down the field on Central Arkansas pretty much at ease. Also we expect to be able to see Tech show off their depth and get some experience for the new young players in the second half assuming they come out and take a big lead early and crush Central Arkansas hopes.

Texas Tech Red Raiders
Saturday, August 30, 6:00 PM on FSN
Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock, Texas

Central Arkansas

Texas Tech
Red Raiders

Link for ESPN article

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