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We Are Marshall, Everybody’s All-American and Rudy – 99 Day Countdown Reason #78

Is that the Grey Ghost from Everybody's All-American

Is that the Grey Ghost from Everybody’s All-American

As we go countdown our list of 99 things we love about college football, there are a few things about the game, that are necessarily about a game, including our three favorite college football movies.  We recommend all three, and think you can watch each one more than once.

Everybody’s All-American  came out in the late 1980s, starring Timothy Hutton as a former college star from Louisiana that struggles with life after football.  The game scenes are great and the cast, which includes Jonathan Goodman, Jessica Lange, Frank Deford, Aaron Neville, Cliff Branch and others is outstanding.

We Are Marshall retells the story of the Marshall University football team’s return to the field following a 1970 plane crash that claimed the live of 75 people, including most of the players, coaches and several boosters.   Matthew McConaughy stars as Head Coach Jack Lengyel,who rebuilds the program, relying heavily on walk-ons and freshmen players who typically could not play varsity at that time.

Rudy is a story of hard work and perseverance, not only against long odds, but against self-doubt.  It’s a movie that is considered one of the most inspiring of all time, and is the No.4 ranked sports movie, according to users.   It details Rudy Ruettiger’s quest to make it into Notre Dame and play football for the Fighting Irish.  He is too small to be on the team and lacks the grades to get into school.  No obstacle is too big for him, and he is to this day the last Notre Dame player carried off the field by his teammates.

For a real life Rudy story, “You’re Going In” Tillman Military Scholarship Winner electrifies Bulldogs at Liberty Bowl

For great quotes from Rudy, click here 

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