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Bowl Games – 99 Day Countdown Reason #82

THE FUTURE OF THE BOWL GAME POSTERThe college bowl experience is one of the greatest traditions in sports, and really the reason that we write this blog.  If you are a college football fan and have witnessed a bowl win for your team, you know the feeling is almost euphoric.  But even your team doesn’t emerge as the victor, you can still have a great time on your bowl trip.

This year, college bowl games will go through more changes and challenges than ever before,  Games have changing conference affiliations, there are more bowls, and of course, the birth of the College Football Playoff.   Every Monday from now until the football season kickoff, we’ll be writing about something we love — the bowl game experience, and how it may change.  We’ll be writing about each bowl game, including a few of the ones that have been announced but not played, and a few of the games that are no more.  This promises to be an exciting bowl season, and we are looking forward to the playoff.


A little more about this:  We're counting down to kickoff Saturday,
with a series highlighting different things 
we love about college football.  
If you'd like to share something you love
about college football, send me a note.


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