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The Cockaboose Railroad – 99 Day Kickoff Countdown Reason #94




From Mike’s post about his gameday experience in Columbia!

I was extended an invitation to attend a Cockaboose tailgate party the next day prior to the Kentucky vs. South Carolina game. I was excited because I had heard so much about the caboose parties.  Upon arriving I was met by Linda and Wayne Vereen, owners of one of these popular cabooses. I was immediately given a complete tour of the car, which featured a full bar inside and outdoor seating area on the top of the car. Linda and Wayne have been proud owners of the caboose since 2002. They purchased the caboose in the Midwest and it arrived on adjacent train tracks, where it was lifted and placed in the spot it now occupies. The Vereen’s promptly remodeled the entire caboose to their liking, which features all kinds of Gamecock memorabilia! Once the tour was completed I dined on great food which featured a clam bake and other scrumptious food and drink.



Click here to read about Mike’s gameday experience in Columbia




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