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First Bowl Projections

NOW WE HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT – Ohio State defeated Northwestern on Saturday night, making the Buckeyes the first, and only at least until Thursday, bowl-eligible team this season.  That means that every Monday, we’ll have bowl projections from around the web, along with some commentary.   At this point in the season, there is so little agreement among the experts, that you can debate who will be going to any game.  We are starting out with three expert opinions, and we’ll add another in a few weeks, and more down the line.   Starting next week, you’ll see our commentary, and our crazy bowl prediction.


VIZIO BCS National Championship  (BCS vs. BCS)

Alabama vs. Oregon                                                       Mark Schlabach

Alabama vs. Oregon                                                       Brad Edwards

Alabama vs. Ohio State                                                 Jerry Palm

Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO  (BCS vs. BCS)

Stanford vs. Ohio State                                                  Mark Schlabach

Ohio State vs. Stanford                                                  Brad Edwards

Nebraska vs. Stanford                                                   Jerry Palm

Discover Orange  (BCS vs. BCS)

Florida State vs. Oklahoma                                          Mark Schlabach

Florida State vs. Oklahoma                                          Brad Edwards

Clemson vs. Oregon                                                       Jerry Palm

Allstate Sugar (BCS vs. BCS )

Texas A&M vs. Louisville                                               Mark Schlabach

LSU vs. Wisconsin                                                            Brad Edwards

South Carolina vs. Louisville                                         Jerry Palm

Tostitos Fiesta (BCS vs. BCS)

Baylor vs. Fresno                                                              Mark Schlabach

Baylor vs. Louisville                                                         Brad Edwards

Oklahoma State vs. Fresno State                                Jerry Palm

AT&T Cotton (Big 12 vs. SEC)

Texas Tech vs. LSU                                                          Mark Schlabach

Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M                                  Brad Edwards

Oklahoma vs. LSU                                                            Jerry Palm

GoDaddy (MAC vs. Sun Belt)

Northern Illinois vs. Louisiana-Lafayette               Mark Schlabach

Northern Illinois vs. Western Kentucky                 Brad Edwards

Northern Illinois vs. Western Kentucky                 Jerry Palm

BBVA Compass (American vs. SEC)

Cincinnati vs. Mississippi State                                   Mark Schlabach

Cincinnati vs. Vanderbilt                                               Brad Edwards

Houston vs. Auburn                                                       Jerry Palm

Capital One (Big Ten vs. SEC)

Michigan vs. Georgia                                                      Mark Schlabach

Michigan vs. Florida                                                        Brad Edwards

Michigan vs. Georgia                                                      Jerry Palm

Outback (Big Ten vs. SEC)

Nebraska vs. South Carolina                                        Mark Schlabach

Northwestern vs. Georgia                                            Brad Edwards

Wisconsin vs. Florida                                                      Jerry Palm

Heart of Dallas (Big Ten vs. C-USA)

Iowa vs. North Texas                                                      Mark Schlabach

Indiana vs. North Texas                                                 Brad Edwards

Washington State vs. Rice                                            Jerry Palm Gator (Big Ten vs. SEC)

Northwestern vs. Missouri                                          Mark Schlabach

Michigan State vs. South Carolina                             Brad Edwards

Michigan State vs. Ole Miss                                         Jerry Palm

Chick-fil-A (ACC vs. SEC)

Clemson vs. Florida                                                         Mark Schlabach

Clemson vs. Auburn                                                       Brad Edwards

Florida State vs. Texas A&M                                        Jerry Palm

AutoZone Liberty (C-USA/American vs. SEC)

East Carolina vs. Ole Miss                                             Mark Schlabach

Marshall vs. Missouri                                                      Brad Edwards

Marshall vs. Tennessee                                                 Jerry Palm

Hyundai Sun (ACC vs. Pac-12)

Virginia Tech vs. Oregon State                                    Mark Schlabach

Maryland vs. Arizona                                                      Brad Edwards

Virginia Tech vs. Washington                                      Jerry Palm

AdvoCare V100 (ACC vs. SEC)

Georgia Tech vs. Utah                                                    Mark Schlabach

Pitt vs. Arkansas                                                               Brad Edwards

Ball State vs. Georgia Tech                                           Jerry Palm

Franklin American Mortgage Music City (ACC vs. SEC)

Maryland vs. Auburn                                                      Mark Schlabach

Georgia Tech vs. Ole Miss                                            Brad Edwards

Maryland vs. Missouri                                                    Jerry Palm

Valero Alamo (Big 12 vs. Pac-12)

Oklahoma State vs. UCLA                                             Mark Schlabach

Texas Tech vs. Washington                                          Brad Edwards

Baylor vs. UCLA                                                                 Jerry Palm

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces (Navy vs. MWC)

Navy vs. Nevada                                                              Mark Schlabach

Navy vs. Wyoming                                                           Brad Edwards

Navy vs. San Diego State                                              Jerry Palm

Holiday  (Big 12 vs. Pac-12)

TCU vs. Washington                                                        Mark Schlabach

Kansas State vs. UCLA                                                    Brad Edwards

TCU vs. Arizona State                                                     Jerry Palm

Buffalo Wild Wings (Big 12 vs. Big Ten)

Texas vs. Wisconsin                                                        Mark Schlabach

Texas vs. Nebraska                                                         Brad Edwards

Texas Tech vs. Northwestern                                     Jerry Palm

New Era Pinstripe  (American vs. Big 12)

Rutgers vs. Notre Dame                                                Mark Schlabach

Rutgers vs. Notre Dame                                                Brad Edwards

Cincinnati vs. Notre Dame                                            Jerry Palm

Russell Athletic (ACC vs. American)

Miami (The U) vs. UCF                                                   Mark Schlabach

Miami (The U) vs. UCF                                                   Brad Edwards

Miami (The U) vs. UCF                                                   Jerry Palm

Belk (ACC vs. American)

Pitt vs. Houston                                                               Mark Schlabach

Virginia Tech vs. Houston                                             Brad Edwards

Rutgers vs. N.C. State                                                    Jerry Palm

Fight Hunger (BYU vs. Pac-12)

BYU vs. USC                                                                        Mark Schlabach

BYU vs. USC                                                                        Brad Edwards

BYU vs. Oregon State                                                     Jerry Palm

Texas (Big Ten vs. Big 12)

Michigan State vs. Kansas State                                  Mark Schlabach

Iowa vs. TCU                                                                      Brad Edwards

Texas vs. Indiana                                                              Jerry Palm

Military Bowl Presented By Northrop Grumman (C-USA vs. ACC)

Rice vs. N.C. State                                                          Mark Schlabach

East Carolina vs. Boston College                                Brad Edwards

Tulsa vs. North Carolina                                                Jerry Palm

S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia (Army vs. MWC)

Boston College vs. Utah State                                   Mark Schlabach

Ohio vs. Boise State                                                     Brad Edwards

Army vs. Boise State                                                        Jerry Palm

Little Caesars Pizza (MAC vs. Big Ten)

Ball State vs. Indiana                                      Mark Schlabach

Ball State vs. Minnesota                               Brad Edwards

Ohio vs. Arkansas State                                Jerry Palm

Sheraton Hawaii (C-USA vs. MWC)

Marshall vs. San Diego State                          Mark Schlabach

Middle Tennessee State vs. Utah State      Brad Edwards

Middle Tennessee State vs. Wyoming        Jerry Palm

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s St. Petersburg (American vs. C-USA)

Ohio vs. Middle Tennessee State               Mark Schlabach

Toledo vs. Rice                                                  Brad Edwards

Toledo vs. East Carolina                                 Jerry Palm

Famous Idaho Potato (MAC vs. MWC)

Bowling Green vs .UNLV                              Mark Schlabach

Bowling Green vs. San Diego State           Brad Edwards

Bowling Green vs. Texas State                   Jerry Palm

Gildan New Mexico (MWC vs. Pac-12)

Wyoming vs. Arizona                                      Mark Schlabach

San Jose State vs. Oregon State                  Brad Edwards

San Jose State vs. USC                                   Jerry Palm

Las Vegas (MWC vs. Pac-12)

Boise State vs. Arizona State                       Mark Schlabach

Fresno State vs. Arizona State                    Brad Edwards

Utah State vs. Arizona                                   Jerry Palm

R+L Carriers New Orleans (C-USA vs. Sun Belt)

Tulane vs. Western Kentucky                     Mark Schlabach

Tulane vs. Louisiana-Lafayette                   Brad Edwards

Tulane vs. Louisiana-Lafayette                   Jerry Palm


BLURRED LINES – I’m not a big gambler, but I do like to check the line of games to see who is favored and by how much.  And I’m amazed at how often the lines are accurate.  But when I was looking at the lines on games for week seven, there were several that caught my attention.  The first was a 2-3 TCU team being favored over Kansas by 25 points.  Others were Wisconsin being favored by 10.5 over Northwestern, Baylor having a 19-point spread on Kansas State and Iowa State being a 15-point dog to Texas Tech.   I’ll compare the actual outcome with next week’s bowl projection.

Next week we’ll have a little more about the background of the experts we are citing.

The Crazy Bowl Prediction – Coming every Monday starting next week!



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  1. These bowl projections are a joke. I can do better than that. LOLOL


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