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Hawkeyes Celebrate Veteran’s Day with New Look Uniforms

The Hawkeyes wore an American flag themed Tiger Hawk decal on their helmets last season to commemorate Veteran’s Day

Last year in honor of Veteran’s day the Hawkeyes wore a red, white and blue tiger hawk decal on their helmets. This year, Iowa will honor our military by wearing their version of a Nike Pro Combat Uniform. The uniforms are styled similar to Nike’s Pro Combat Uniforms, but are not Pro Combat, as that would be too extreme of a change for our conservative team.

The Hawkeyes have experimented with their uniforms a little this season, wearing throwback uniforms from the 1921-22 season against Iowa State.

The uniforms for this weekend’s game will feature black jerseys with gold numbers.  Instead of the player’s name on the back of the jersey, the player will have his choice of which branch of the U.S. military to honor.  They will wear silver pants and the helmet is also rumored to be silver, possibly with the red, white, and blue striped tiger hawk again. Iowa players will also wear black cleats, which they rarely do.

“The throwback uniforms we wore earlier in the season were really ugly”, said Melanie Nelson a senior at Iowa “I don’t know very many people that liked those jerseys, but everyone seems to be excited to see the uniforms this week.”

The Pro Combat style uniform they Hawkeyes are expected to wear Saturday against Purdue was on display at Scheel’s in Coralville this summer.

I think fans are excited that Iowa has shown they are willing to try something new with their uniforms. The jerseys are fairly similar to the ones the Hawks currently wear when playing at Kinnick Stadium. The pants are silver, which isn’t one of Iowa’s traditional colors.

This style of jersey has rapidly become popular in college football over the past couple of seasons, with the University of Oregon among others featuring different Pro Combat Uniforms each season. Players’ love experimenting with different uniforms and that is one reason why Kirk Ferentz has been willing to try out these uniforms. Ferentz sees the uniforms as a recruiting chip, because potential recruits’ decision to go to Iowa might be swayed after they see Iowa jumping on the Pro Combat bandwagon.

The jerseys are a great way to honor our servicemen and women and can possibly help Iowa get an edge on recruiting in the future. Hopefully the Hawks will continue to experiment with their uniforms in the future and maybe next season they will actually go full out on the Pro Combat uniforms.

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