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Virginia Tech: the end of a streak or the beginning of a turnaround?

English: Athletics logo for Virginia Polytechn...For the last eight seasons, and 11 of the last 13 years, Virginia Tech has won at least 10 football games.  Following Saturday’s 27-24 loss to Cincinnati, Virginia Tech fans are in a position they aren’t used to — After five games, the Hokies are sitting at 3-2, and they still have games left to play against Clemson and Florida State.

There is cause for hope, still, as a Tech fan, since in the past they have been able to overcome.  For example, in 2008, Tech lost to an East Carolina team they should have rolled over. The Hokies then lost three conference games but managed to upset then-ranked No. 20 Boston College, led by Quarterback Matt Ryan, in the ACC Championship Game.  The Hokies rode the momentum of winning the ACC Championship to Miami, where Tech beat Cincinnati in the FedEx Orange Bowl.

With that being said, it is within all possibility for Tech to run the table and continue its streak of 10 win seasons and play for another ACC Championship.  The bright spot this season is that the Hokies are 1-0 in conference play. And without the touchdown Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux threw with 13 seconds left, Tech would be sitting at 4-1 heading to Chapel Hill to play the 3-2 North Carolina Tar Heels. While North Carolina is favored, I believe this is a game that should be won by Tech, getting the ball rolling as they head conference play. With a win in Chapel Hill and a win the following week at home versus Duke, the Hokies can go into a huge game at Clemson with a 5-2 record.

Keys to Success 

1) Get started early. Tech’s offense has started slow in every game this season. In order to have success against ACC foes, the offense will have to start the game as strong as they have been finishing.

2) Fix the secondary woes. The secondary is a unit that needs to come together and form some chemistry in order to stop high profile offenses. Judging from Bud Foster defenses of the past, he will do what needs to be done to sure up the issues on the back end.

3) Establish a running game. Right now the leading rusher for the Hokies is Michael Holmes who has 46 carries for 211 yards. Whether its picking one guy and giving him the ball early and often or running back by committee, the Hokies have to get the ball moving on the ground.

1 Comment on Virginia Tech: the end of a streak or the beginning of a turnaround?

  1. Well written Morgan. However, there seems to be the same VT tunnel vision. They have finished on top of, until very recently, a mediocre conference with great celebration but have regularly stumbled along the way. They are 0-for-eternity against the truly top ranked teams and just can’t seem to finish. There was much ado about the way they bounced back against Bowling Green from a big loss the previous week. Bowling Green? Yep that’s the powder on the powderpuff schedule. Beamer is notorious for scheduling “football lite” to prepare for the big season and yet consistently is embarrassed in that schedule. The media loves the VT media spin machine, I, however, can’t see what all the hype is about.


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