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Dawgs occupy Atlanta

By Whitney Rivers Vaught

This weekend in the SEC is rivalry week. All the football loving, Southern states below the Mason Dixon line will be divided. Neighbors in Alabama will no longer be cordial as they don their Auburn or Alabama apparel, and most importantly Georgia will be divided between engineers and the finest fans in the land.

The University of Georgia and Georgia Tech have met as rivals since 1893. The series record is 61-39 (5 ties not included), in UGA’s favor. Georgia currently holds the latest streak, scoring a victory the past two meetings, and we hope to continue it this upcoming Saturday.

This year the game is being held in Atlanta, but that will not stop me or my friends from cutting our Thanksgiving break short. I plan on occupying Atlanta all weekend in my Red and Black, proudly supporting my Dawgs.

Not only is this win important for every UGA fan, but it will also be played in memory of longtime UGA Football announcer Larry Munson, whom recently passed. Munson was an announcer for the Dawgs from 1966-2008. My memories of watching Georgia football growing up all include Munson. Because of him, I fell in love with both football and The Georgia Bulldogs. I know he will be looking down on the game this Saturday singing “Glory, glory to Georgia, and the heck with Georgia Tech!”

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