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SEC 1,2,3 Do Re Mi, it may be VT

He clearly had too much to drink. What I was telling him must have sounded like gibberish. But after this weekend, the crazy talk that I was saying just might come to pass.

I was cocktailing in Fayetteville, Arkansas talking to a Razorbacks fan who wanted to know if the Hogs could make it to the SEC Championship Game.  I told him that was the last thing he should wish for.  I said that he should dream higher, because Arkansas probably couldn’t make it to Atlanta, but could make it to the BCS Championship Game.  I laid out a potential scenario where the Razorbacks would need to win out including a victory at LSU, but by virtue of an early loss to Alabama, would not get to play for the SEC Championship.   But I didn’t think it could or would happen, because it would take about 10 games to go a certain way.  Here we are, with the Razorbacks sitting at 10-1, playing outstanding football,  with a date against top-ranked LSU coming up Friday.  If the Hogs win, they may have the opportunity to play for the BCS Championship.

Even more surprising is a possible opponent in the potential match-up.  Less than two weeks ago, Virginia Tech was ranked 14th, and even though the Hokies had just one loss, they weren’t on anyone’s list as any sort of BCS contender. The Hokies have been getting better every week, have kept winning, and have been the beneficiary of the same craziness that helped Arkansas.  Even though polls aren’t out today, the Hokies have the potential to be rated number four today.   Even if the Hokies don’t climb that high this week, they still have games against 8-3 Virginia, and 9-2 Clemson, and will have the chance to move up.

Rankings aren’t out yet, but teams from the SEC might be ranked numbers 1,2 and 3.  After that, there are about five one-loss teams, all of which can make a case for a chance to play in the BCS Championship.  I cannot wait to see the bowl projections when they are released.

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