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My favorite college town: Athens, Georgia

By Whitney Rivers Vaught

No matter what time or day of the week it is, downtown Athens always has a crowd.  Whether it’s students avoiding homework on a Monday, a typical Thursday night, or a gameday weekend, downtown Athens is always hopping.  This really is no surprise, considering downtown Athens has more than 60 bars.

With there being such a variety of bars to choose from, there is bound to be a bar to fit everyone’s desires.  There are bars crowded with freshman dancing on tables, and bars full of adults shooting pool and complaining about their nine to five lives.  All this makes Athens a favorite college town to visit, even for students at other schools.

“It’s an awesome change of pace from Auburn,” says  Alex Accurso, a senior at Auburn University.  “It’s always a good time catching up with friends at Boarshead.  I love their outdoor patio, especially when they have live music”.

During the daytime, downtown Athens is still a hot spot.  Downtown Athens has some of the best shopping in the area, not just run-of-the-mill boutiques.  There are restaurants to please everyone’s palate.  Personally, I suggest dining at the Last Resort Grill. Whether you go for dinner or lunch, you cannot go wrong.

During game weekends, downtown Athens is the perfect place for visitors to land. Because not every fan or out of state visitor has tickets to the game or a spot to tailgate on campus, the bars in  downtown Athens open early and often have drink specials.

“Even though I usually don’t have a ticket for the UGA game, that doesn’t stop me from visiting,” says Allison Hopper, a senior from Georgia College and State University.  “I love going to Magnolias downtown on gamedays because they open early and have great seating with the UGA game on a projector screen.”

My favorite part of living near downtown Athens is just walking through it on my way to class. I have been to several college towns and none of their downtown scenes even start to compare to downtown Athens.  Of course, I may be biased towards downtown Athens since I attend the University of Georgia.  But If you ever visit Athens, spend some time downtown and you will soon realize why it is so loved by those of Athens.

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