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I’ve seen most SEC schools at different bowl games, and been able to spend time with many SEC fans.  But for as big of a fan of college football that I am, I’ve never been to a game at an SEC home stadium.  That will change tomorrow, and in a big way.  I’m in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the game between the 7th ranked Arkansas Razorbacks and the 9th ranked South Carolina Gamecocks.   Besides a match-up featuring top-rated teams, it’s homecoming week here and this is a great town. I’ll have more on my experiences next week.

The LSU vs. Alabama game is being billed as the game of the century.  But that game alone is not what makes this weekend special.  There is another Saturday night SEC match-up featuring two teams rated in the top 10, that being South Carolina vs. Arkansas.  This the first time in 22 years that one conference has had two games played by its teams when both teams are rated in the top 10.

In the Big XII, 3rd ranked Oklahoma State hosts number 14 Kansas State, and 6th ranked Oklahoma hosts a Texas A&M team that could easily be undefeated.  In the Big Ten, strong defenses will try to stop high-powered offenses.  Denard Robinson and 16th ranked Michigan travel to Iowa City, and number 11 Nebraska hosts Northwestern. Up in Seattle, the Washington Huskies have been getting better, and may be ready for a game to show the nation that they have moved up a level. Later today, they host their arch-rival, the Oregon Ducks.

Bowl predictions will be updated on Monday.  Have a great Saturday.

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