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The World’s Largest Cocktail Party – A right of passage

By Whitney Rivers Vaught

At the University of Georgia, Georgia/Florida weekend is an
event that the students, players, and even faculty look forward to all season
long.  During this weekend, cost, mileage, and obligations go out the window.  I have two tests next week, and I might be a
little short on money from my adventure to New Orleans last weekend, but don’t think that is going to stop me from partaking in all the festivities this weekend.  The University of Georgia even encourages students to attend this event, conveniently scheduling our fall break around it.

This is our senior year, so my friends and I decided to go all out. On Friday we are staying on St. Simons Island to enjoy one last hooray
on the beach before we are forced to bundle up for the several months.  That’s only the beginning.  Saturday morning we will be waking up at the crack of dawn to spill onto charter buses, and travel to Jacksonville.  Once we arrive, our tailgate provides us with any football fan’s dream — food, tents, drinks, and big screen TVs to watch other games.

For those of us that have tickets, we hopefully will be present to watch the Georgia Bulldogs stomp all over the Florida Gators and further solidify
our lead in the SEC East.  But you don’t even need a ticket to come to the party. For fans that don’t have tickets, Everbank Field provides an outdoor area with a huge projector screen for them to still enjoy the experience.

This weekend is a huge deal to us Bulldog faithful, we’ve had it planned since last June. As students we consider Georgia/Florida weekend
a necessary right-of-passage that no other SEC school can possibly understand.  Georgia/Florida weekend is a celebration every year, but hopefully this year we will celebrate a Bulldogs victory.   This year is our year.

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