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Georgia fans sacrifice to follow the Dawgs

  By Whitney Rivers Vaught

During the school week, my life consists of two things:  I work to avoid being broke and I study for school to avoid failing.  However, once Saturday rolls around, my life consists of one thing and one thing only:  Georgia Football.

It does not matter if the Dawgs are playing between the hedges or on the road. Money or schoolwork does not get in my way to show support for my team.  Other Georgia students share my feelings.

“Even though we should probably stay in Athens and catch up on schoolwork we’d rather take a road trip,” says Georgia student Rachel Vickry.   “There’s nothing better than cheering on your team with your best friends by your side.”

Georgia fans are committed to travelling to follow the Dawgs, no matter how many late night cramming sessions and extra shifts result from traveling to away games. This Saturday, the Dawgs have a huge conference showdown with Tennessee at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville where they have lost twice in-a-row. Georgia fans like Vickry are doing whatever is needed to show their support for the Dawgs.

“Even though I’m a broke college kid, some friends and I are splitting the cost of gas and eating as cheap as we can so that we can afford to go,” says Vickry, who’s looking forward to her trip to Knoxville

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