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Didn’t we almost have it all?


I could’ve done it, I have tickets for the Brewers and tickets for the Badgers.  If everything goes right, it would be possible catch Gameday, hit Miller Park and make it back to Camp Randall for kickoff. It would be exhausting, but it is possible.

But I’m not doing it, I’m not even trying. I’ll be at home with son, watching all three, my tickets are in other hands. I know people who are waking up for Gameday, catching the Brewers, or getting to Camp Randall. But I don’t know anybody doing all three, or even a MilwaukeeMadison combo. That would be just an amazing weekend. (If you are out there, we want to hear your story!)

My company, BOWLJET specializes in bowl packages. This year, we are adding bowl tours that will allow fans to see multiple bowl games and that means hitting four games in five days.  We do it a little differently – we are trying to make sure fans have time to tailgate, see the band, and soak up the atmosphere at every stop.  But next fall, if there’s a chance to pack in events like this weekend in Wisconsin, we are going to try to accommodate this kind of tour.  (NOTE – The time for the Brewer game was announced Thursday afternoon.)

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