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At Iowa, not all the athletes have a bye this weekend

Members of The University of Iowa Hawkeye football team may have the weekend to rest, but that does not necessarily apply to other Hawkeye athletes.  The University of Iowa has 44 club sport teams for students that allow students to continue participating in the activities they love. Many of athletes on those teams are not on a bye week.

“The UI’s club teams require responsibility and commitment from players and coaches,” says Grace Dalsey, member of the Iowa Women’s Soccer Club. Dalsey, a senior center mid-fielder, says that she spends more than five hours practicing a week in addition to her busy school schedule. “We play indoor during winter. There really is no off-season unless you consider summer, but I condition because I play club soccer at home.”

The time commitment is worth it believes Dalsey, a four-year player. “It’s a great way to stay active and participate at a competitive level, while being able to enjoy myself,” she said.  She has played soccer since she was four-years-old.

Although the club team is one step below the Iowa Women’s Soccer team, the Iowa Women’s Club Soccer team is so competitive they might as well be a Division 1 team, Dalsey says.  The Iowa Women’s Soccer Club team has traveled throughout the Midwest to play club teams including Notre Dame, Illinois, Nebraska and Michigan State.

Club sports offer an opportunity for students to make new friends and continue involvement in a sport they have passion for.  “Attending try outs freshman year introduced me to girls that became my best friends,” says Dalsey. “Club soccer is perfect mix of competition and seriousness with an escape from stress of school.”

In addition to Women’s Club Soccer, The University of Iowa has 43 other club teams for students that allow students to continue participating in the activities they love.  Offerings include everything from Water Skiing to Baseball to Brazilian Jujitsu.  And if UI doesn’t offer a club you’re interested, you can always start your own!

 Authored by Kathleen Arens

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